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Im sorry to say this, but Ask Lil' Omega won't be continued.
The fandom has ruined it for me, and sadly, I don't like Undertale anymore.
It has the worst fandom I've seen yet out of ANY game
Please understand.
Welcome to the Dynasty

 “Get her to the Medic Den!” Crow told Honey~Whisker and Dead~Leaf. The two cats got Rabbit~Foot at her sides as they forced her to walk. She then fell. “We can’t move her. She’ll have to do this here.” Dead told Crow. He nodded. “You can do it, Rabbit. Everyone, go to your dens.” The cats hurried to the new dens as Rabbit had one tom and one she. The she was a mixture of different shades of brown splotches. The tom was plain white.

    Eagle~Paw strained her ears on the wall of the den to hear Rabbit~Foot. “This will be Mud while this one will be Snow.” Rabbit had said. She guessed which one was which and looked out from the hanging moss. Snow was being nuzzled by Rabbit while Mud was already breathing and ready to explore. “Welcome to the Sun-Drown Dynasty.” Eagle greeted the infants quietly to herself. She slid down to the sandy floor as she fell asleep.

This is Snow and Mud sleeping as Honey~Whisker and Rabbit~Foot are at their sides. <3
These cats belong to me

Welcome to the Afterlife
This is Yarrow~Petal, the former Medic of the Sun~Drown Dynasty. She was walking one day as she slipped and drowned in a gorge. She was found dead by her novice, Dead~Leaf, and the commander, now Crow~Star. The weird thing was that she was saved by her parents, Hail~Storm and Sand~Gorse, that were in the Afterlife already. Dead and Crow mourned her greatly and took the body to the group, where they left her behind in the forest.

Yarrow~Petal is from the Sun-Drown Dynasty, a parody of Warriors, a series by Erin Hunter.
The artist of the base's signature is at the bottom right

Guys, here's part two! Hope you enjoy!

Chapter twelve



Hazel went on as determination nudged her to go on, though exhaustion was pulling her back. No sleep was able to get in her system. And the last time she slept was when they camped in that ditch. She saw Rose and Raven chattering quietly, but she didn’t care about eavesdropping. She only wanted to get home.

    The tang of salt water was in the air as the sandy ground went between her claws. Her tail was kept low as her hazel body was heaving to go on. Hazel’s white paws made marks in the sand as the mud from earlier went with it. She yawned. “Come on. We’re close.” Rose nudged her, her dusty red tail swaying behind her. Hazel licked Rose’s shoulder in thanks as she quickened her pace to pick up with her.

    Hazel just thought of it. Her, Rose, and Tawny were now five full-moons. It’ll be soon after they get settled when they become novices. “Aren’t you excited to become novices?” Rose interrupted her thinking as if she had heard Hazel’s thoughts. “Y-Yeah, I guess.” Hazel stuttered as she replied. “You okay?” Rose asked.

    “It’s just,” Hazel began. “when you were with Raven at one point, me and Tawny had a fight. I won it, of course, but he said I’d pay for it. I’m just paranoid. I only won that time. It doesn’t mean I will again. It just scares me.”

    Rose looked down at her paws. “Well, we haven’t had a chance to learn anything that could kill a cat, yet. I’m just saying we will cross the ThunderPath when it comes to us.” She said finally. Hazel nodded slowly. “I’ll be there for you too, Hazel. You should know that. And hey, two’s more superior than one! We can do it. I know we can.” The sisters locked their clover-green gazes to each other. Hazel let a tear leak as she smile. “Tell me something I don’t know, will you?” She laughed.

    “Come with me. Raven might be able to cheer you up.” Rose suggested. Hazel nodded as Rose lead the way. Hazel suddenly began to feel jealous again. Raven~Paw had a good bond with Rose, a novice named Bracken~Paw took Brindle~Paw, and Bramble~Paw was the Medic Novice, so she couldn’t love him. If she wanted a good bond with someone, she had to be patient and wait for the right time.

    “Rose! There you are.” Raven~Paw came up as he nuzzled Rose. She gave him a lick on the cheek in greeting. “Hazel is having a hard time with Tawny. Maybe you can help her?” Rose asked as she explained. Raven~Paw’s amber-yellow eyes narrowed. What’s wrong? Hazel thought. Does he not like me?

    “Okay, then. Well, Hazel,” Raven began. “I’ve always had a hard time with Bramble. He’s always pushed me, Shadow, Bark, and Eagle around. What a furball he is! But it’s called a phase. It’s hard to be different in the litter. And he must think he should be in charge because he’s the only tom in your litter. He must be going through a dominant phase right now.”

    Hazel nodded as she thought it made sense. It could also be from their father, Dust~Pelt, though. Since Tawny is the only tom in the litter, Dust thought of him a lot because he thought Tawny could teach her and Rose the things they didn’t already. And this gave a lot of attention to Tawny, and now, since it went to Hazel, Tawny wants to take that place back since he wasn’t used to the change. Then Hazel thought of it. Tawny was also mean to her because he was jealous of Hazel’s sudden change in the family.

    “You okay, Hazel?” Hazel noticed Rose was trying to talk to her. “Yes, I’m fine. But I just thought. It would also make sense he’s rude to me because he’s jealous he isn’t getting attention from father anymore.” Hazel explained. Raven nodded. “Maybe.” He said.

    Hazel’s tail went high as she thought of someone envying her. But she couldn’t be too high in the clouds, because anything could happen. “Let’s just go,” Hazel said. “we’re being left behind!” As they walked up, she gasped as she saw a big clearing of caves.

    “Everyone, behold! Welcome to the camp of the Sun~Drown Dynasty!” Crow called. Calls of excitement and relief rang about from the group. Crow~Star ran down to the clearing. It was what he described it as. The camp was a deep, yet gentle sided slope covered in sand. There were caved in rocks poking out of the slope’s walls as a rock stood tall at an empty part of the place. There were places to sleep and a good place to settle at.



    Chapter thirteen



    Eagle~Paw ran down the slope to her father. “Eagle~Paw. I want you to mark the Novices’ Den. Remember, it has a small entrance but it’s roomy on the inside.” Crow ordered. Eagle nodded as she went over to the right rock. She took some moss from the shore and dried it out. As it was damp yet dry, she covered the entrance so it could block out the sun on the hot days of Full-Tree. She saw her father laugh and nod in approval.

    He sent Cloud~Breeze to mark the Chief and the Commanders’ Den at the Salt-Rock. She dug up a den under and above the rock: one hole for the Chief and one hole for the Commander. Eagle also saw Rabbit~Foot at the Nursery as she outlined the den with nearby moss that was soaked in some freshwater. The Soldiers’ Den was being made by Moss~Heart and Fern~Strike as they outlined the roof of it with damp seaweed. This could be pulled over to keep the sun from coming in on hot days, or it could be put up for the den to heat up on cold days. Eagle changed the stretchy moss to do the same. The Medic Den didn’t have to have any updates since it was deeper in the sand, so there’d be shade there anyways. The Retires’ Den was made to be a small group of moss that is in the open for the sun. Behind it is a smaller den for the retired cats in Dead-Tree time. And in the middle of the camp lay a small pond. Eagle thanked the Afterlife for the pond to quench their thirst. The pond was outlined by a small layer of stone. The outline of the camp, though, was outlined by sea purslane, a spiky plant by the shore. “It’s amazing!” Eagle purred. The camp was done so quickly, and their needs were given to them when they needed things. Thank you Afterlife. Eagle thought.

    Eagle could see Hazel and Rose come and see the camp. They ran to the Nursery and went in. “It’s so roomy!” Eagle could hear Hazel exclaim. “Yeah! It’s amazing!” Rose replied. Eagle saw Rabbit sigh in relief that the infants liked the Nursery. Eagle could see Rabbit was heavily pregnant and it wouldn’t be too long before she began to kit. Rabbit’s front right paw rose as she began to clean it. Eagle decided to wash herself too from all the running around she had been doing. As she did so, she heard Crow~Star. “All cats able to stand strong enough to battle gather around the Salt-Rock for an announcement.” He called.

    “Cats of the Dynasty, we have settled. Each den looks different and it has its own features. We will get used to it in no time. Anyways, I want the prey-pile to be stocked. Cloud~Breeze, Thorn~Pelt, and Moss~Heart will go on one hunting patrol. Shadow~Light, Fern~Strike, and Honey~Whisker to do another one.” The cats chosen went in two groups to not be mixed up so they won’t get confused with who they’d be going with.

    “I also want to see all the Novices and Teachers training tomorrow. Train wherever you like. Just be careful by the shore,” Crow went on. “and make sure to get some sleep. Tomorrow we will have a day full of work. Get all the sleep you can, and this meeting is at an end.”

Then a yowl rang. “Where’s Dead~Leaf?!” Eagle turned to see Honey~Whisker, standing by his companion and not the patrol. “Here!” The orange spotted tabby limped up. “What’s wrong?” Honey~Whisker’s blue eyes were calm but concerned. “Rabbit~Foot is having her infants!” Eagle’s amber-yellow eyes narrowed.

    “Get her to the Medic Den!” Crow told Honey~Whisker and Dead~Leaf. The two cats got Rabbit~Foot at her sides as they forced her to walk. She then fell. “We can’t move her. She’ll have to do this here.” Dead told Crow. He nodded. “You can do it, Rabbit. Everyone, go to your dens.” The cats hurried to the new dens as Rabbit had one tom and one she. The she was a mixture of different shades of brown splotches. The tom was plain white.

    Eagle~Paw strained her ears on the wall of the den to hear Rabbit~Foot. “This will be Mud while this one will be Snow.” Rabbit had said. She guessed which one was which and looked out from the hanging moss. Snow was being nuzzled by Rabbit while Mud was already breathing and ready to explore. “Welcome to the Sun-Drown Dynasty.” Eagle greeted the infants quietly to herself. She slid down to the sandy floor as she fell asleep.



    Eagle woke up as the morning New-Tree sun went through the hanging moss. It must be time to train now. She thought. Her paws made faint marks in the sand as she padded out. She lapped up a few drops from the camp’s pool as she suddenly saw her dad walking towards her. “Ready to train?” Crow asked her. “You couldn’t have put it better.” Eagle laughed as she replied. Crow gave a flick of his tail to follow. Eagle~Paw’s heart raced as she thought of what training would be like. Learning to hunt, learning to fight. It’ll be hard, but it’ll be easy to learn.

    Crow padded up to a part of the shore that was fully made of stone. “We are going to train to fight.” Crow explained. “Hit me.” Eagle fluffed up her spine as she unsheathed her claws. She flinched and suddenly leapt. Crow swiftly pounced to the side as Eagle’s muzzle met with the sandy stone. “Make sure to know where your opponent is, but don’t take too long to make your next move predictable.” Crow told her. Eagle then rammed into him as he tumbled. She took his tail as a hold and scraped his sides. Crow’s hindlegs fidgeted in alarm and suddenly distracted her, letting him out of her grip. “Don’t use all your energy, and a good soldier doesn’t get distracted.” He licked his wounds. “But I know you will make a great soldier one day, Eagle.” His proud eyes gazed into her’s as their eyes shared the same tenderness. “Thanks, Crow~Star.” Eagle purred. “Don’t get all mushy on me, though. Now, teach me how to fight!”



    Chapter fourteen



    Dead~Leaf came back with forest herbs with her. The day was full of hunting herbs for the camp and she was finally done. For that day. She went into the Medic Den as she put them in three piles: the Berry Pile, the Leaf Pile, and the Flower Pile. In the Berry Pile, of course, lay the herbs that had anything to do with berries, the Leaf Pile is for the herbs that aren’t flowers but they do have leaves, and the Flower Pile had herbs that had anything with petals. There were dips in the ground in the den she could use to make poultices. It’s anything she’d need.

    “Okay.” She spoke to herself. She picked up a leaf with a poultice of Borage Leaves and Honey as she padded to the Nursery. As she stepped over the moss outline into the den, she saw Frost and Mud nursing as Honey lay by Rabbit’s side quietly. “Here. For more milk and to keep you calm.” Dead told them. Rabbit chewed up the Borage as she drank the Honey. She blinked in thanks as Dead~Leaf limped out.

    As Dead went back to her den, Crow~Star padded through the entrance with Eagle~Paw some time later as he told her to get some prey for the Retires. As she went, Crow~Star padded into the Medic Den. “How is Rabbit?” He asked. “I gave her some Borage Leaves for milk and Honey for any anxiety.” She replied. Then she looked around the den. Where was Bramble~Paw? Dead suddenly thought.

    “Excuse me, I need to find Bramble.” Dead told him. He moved out of the way for her as she saw him play fighting with Bracken~Paw, an older novice. The dark golden she pounced at Bramble. Bracken unsheathed her claws as she clawed at Bramble in a friendly way. Bramble lifted his hind legs as he boosted her off. “Bramble~Paw!” Dead hissed. “Come on. Time to learn some herbs.” Bramble gave an irritated grunt as he got up. Ripple~Paw’s brown striped body showed up as he told Bracken to follow him. “There goes the fun.” Bramble spat.

    “This is Burdock Root. You wash it off and chew it into a pulp that can help rat bites.” Dead~Leaf told Bramble~Paw. “Yes. That’s good to know.” He said. “And this is Yarrow. You use it to expel poison from- are you even listening?!” She snapped as she saw Bramble was dozing off. “Hey, it’s not my fault I don’t want to be a Medic!” He hissed at her, ears flattened. “Crow~Star chose you as the Medic for a reason. And if you don’t follow his orders, your- oh, come on!” She yowled as she saw Bramble had left. Toms these days! She thought.

    She cleaned off her Burdock Root she got that day in a little pool she made in her den. All it was was a dip in the cave full of water. She put the roots in the Leaf Pile. Dead then went out and got some wild ferns and flowers. She put them in the den to decorate it. “There. If the outside doesn’t have to be updated, it doesn’t mean the same thing for the inside.” She purred to herself. The den now seemed to be taken over by the forest.

    “All cats able to stand strong enough to battle gather around the Salt-Rock for an announcement.” Crow’s call rang through the camp. As Dead got out of her den, she saw the other cats coming out, too. She could also see the soldiers were coming back with their novices. She sat down in the sandy clearing as she look at the Salt-Rock to hear Crow’s words.



    Chapter fifteen



    “Today, some Novices are ready to be Soldiers, from what I’ve heard from their teachers.” Crow began. “Bracken~Paw and Ripple~Paw. Step forward.” The golden she was joined by the brown tabby in front of the group. “Bracken~Paw, Timber~Foot believes you have succeeded the most in your sessions, and it is your time to become a full Dynasty cat. You will be known as Bracken~Fern.” The cats around them cheered her name. She blinked in great gratitude and thanks. “And Ripple~Paw, Golden~Petal admires your skill in hunting, and she believes you are ready. You will be Ripple~Fur.”

    The two young soldiers nuzzled one another as the excitement died down. “This meeting is at an end. I want Cloud~Breeze to make some hunting patrols.” The white deputy nodded as she hopped down to Thorn~Pelt and Crooked~Tail. The cats nodded as the two cats went separate ways and made their own hunting patrols.

    Rabbit~Foot came out in the clearing with her young infants in her jaws. Mud squirmed to be put down while Snow didn’t mind it. Their eyes were still closed as their weak tails stuck out like a branch on a tree. Rabbit settled them down in the afternoon sun to warm them up. The infants purred in delight as the sun’s light warmed up their cold bodies. Honey came up and purred in amusement at his infants. Crow watched the infants as he thought of them as soldiers, running in the wind and catching prey for the Dynasty. They will be great soldiers, He promised to himself. He walked away as he thought of his infants.

    Crow scrabbled up the Salt-Rock as he got to his den. He went into the den and onto a bed of moss. He lay on it as he began to think of how the Dynasty has been. Prey is running, herbs are growing well, the novices are having what they called the best training sessions they’ve had in forever. But something didn’t feel right.

    Suddenly, he got dipped into darkness. Though it was dark, a high mountain of white rose from under him. I must be dreaming, He thought. Then, a lake of red formed under it as it rained the same material. Blood.

    Wind blew him around as yowls rose around him. In only a bit of time, a cloud will shed not its dainty snowflakes, but it's frightening truth will make it shed innocent blood instead, A strange, yet familiar voice rang in Crow~Star’s dizzy, confused mind. Battle cries and yowls of utter despair flooded into his ears as he screamed for any type of answer. Then it stopped. A grey figure made it into Crow’s sight.

    “Brother?” Crow asked. There was a cat with darker grey speckles than its body, the speckles sprayed onto its body like dew. The grey cat nodded. “Yes, Crow~Star. Now come.” The cat had said. “But, Ash~Cloud, why?” Ash~Cloud looked at him with the same color gaze. “Just come. It is important.” Ash~Cloud said after a pause.

    A forest grew around them as Ash~Cloud passed. The forest was full of life as it blossomed with happy flowers. Crow looked down to see his shadow a bright white color. As he passed, the forest would die. “I may not give you the best answer to your wonders,” Ash started. “but you must know that even the most tamed of fires can burn down a whole forest.” Crow’s eyes narrowed in fear and curiosity.

    “Wait! Don’t leave so soon! Can’t you tell me more?” Crow yowled as he saw his brother fading away. “There isn’t. You must find out the rest of this by yourself.” Ash~Cloud’s grey speckled figure faded into actual ashes from a burnt tree that blew away in the wind. The dead forest turned into ashes too as they blew away with him. The dark void got brighter. And brighter. And brighter. Until he woke up.

    He looked out the den’s entrance to see an evening sunset begin in the skies. Crow woke up with stiff joints as he walked and stretched at the same time. He climbed down and dawdled around camp. The Prey Pile was stacked with different types of fish, some of the prey from the forest. The camp was settling down as many of the cats settled for sleep. But he could still see Crooked~Tail and Raven~Paw training outside of camp. He got himself a Hermit Crab as he broke open the shell. He ate the fresh meat on the inside, happy at the taste. As he did so, he took the shells out of camp. He went to the salty shore as he put the shells into the sand. The Crab’s former shell floated away into the dying horizon. As he walked back, he could see Raven and Crooked going into camp. He saw Raven get a Haddock and start on the side.

    “Tired?” Crow padded up to his infant. “Yeah. Crooked~Tail taught me how to hunt forest and ocean prey. She said it was different. Then we practiced those moves on a shell.” Raven replied, tiredness carving his voice. “Hey,” Crow began. “Before you go to sleep for the night, what about you take a Scup for Rabbit? Her infants are ahead of themselves with their teeth coming in already. It’d be nice for them to get used to prey faster.” Raven nodded at his father as he took the requested fish to the Nursery.

    “Crow~Star!” He turned to see Finch~Song. “Yes, dear?” He was calm, though she sounded worried. “Timber~Foot ate a Sea Urchin and he’s very sick!” She reported. His tail flicked. He can’t lose another cat! “Tell Timber~Foot it’s okay. I’m getting Dead~Leaf.”

    The chief padded into the Medic Den as he saw Bramble~Paw mumbling herbs to himself. “Cobweb for bleeding, Alder Bark for toothaches, Burnet for strength.” He’d say. Then he looked up. “Where’s Dead~Leaf?” Crow asked him. “She’s in the forest checking for more herbs. Why?” Crow grunted. “Timber’s dying! Bramble, you’re our only hope.”

    “What? I’m only a-” Crow cut him off. “Novice, I know. But this is a good lesson that you will need to have to be a good help to the Dynasty. Would you want a death of an innocent cat on your mind that you could’ve tried to help stop?” Bramble looked down. “I’ll get some Yarrow.”


    Chapter sixteen



    Bramble~Paw looked around the den carefully but quickly. Yarrow has leaves. Though it’s a flower, it must be in the Leaf Pile! He thought. Then he looked through the pile as he then sighed in relief when he saw the white plant. He took the bundles he needed and paused. He put them down and placed them into a leaf. He then put in some Juniper Berries and Poppy Seeds. He ran out, dropping a few berries as he got in. Crow went behind him and picked up the still ripe berries. He looked in the Soldiers’ Den as he saw Timber~Foot twitching in pain.

     “Chew this.” Bramble ordered Timber to eat the Yarrow. As he did so, he threw up the Urchin as he wheezed. Bramble gave him the Juniper Berries for his breathing, and finally, some Poppy Seeds to go to sleep easier. “There we go.” He repeated in the process.

    Bramble never left the Soldiers’ Den until he saw Timber fall asleep. He sighed in relief, walking out quietly. Finally, something he was useful for. He saved a cat from poison! This’ll be a story Dead would be happy to hear. But was she there yet?

    As he padded out, he looked up to see Crystal Skies shine lightly as the sun hid itself in the shadows. Bramble then noticed how tired he was by a small yawn. He padded into the Medic Den as he looked at two beds of moss. One was bigger than the other. He went on the smaller one as his needle-like claws kneaded the bedding. He lay down and fell asleep.

    Bramble opened his eyes as he spotted a clearing of sand, one that was familiar to camp. He walked around, puzzled. He then scented something. It wasn’t cat. Nor any prey he’d know of. Or any healing herbs. He decided, though, that his paws would lead him where he should go as he followed the scent. The scent hang in his fur as he got closer. He then found a cave. It was caved in deeply from the ocean’s waves as it was lined with fresh seaweed. He walked in as he sniffed. He then gagged. Am I smelling fox dung?

    Then, he saw it. There was a big figure that was definitely not a cat. Its small ears twitched as a great white stripe ran from its muzzle to its tail. It turned as two small beady eyes stared him down. It was a badger! He began to leap, but he stopped as he saw it didn’t move.

    “Do you attack any object that is unfamiliar? Manners, you don’t have!” It spoke. He looked in dismay. How could a badger talk to him? He’s a cat! “I speak many language. Badger, cat, others.” It went on as if it read his mind. “I help with many problems in different parts of life. Especially now. I can help cat, too. Tell your chief, I think it is, of your dream. Dreams are more than long thoughts. Tell him you met a she-badger, Midnight. You will?”

    He nodded curtly as the elderly badger faded into nothingness. What use would she be to cats? He felt the ocean lap at his paws as it sucked him in. He couldn’t breathe as he suddenly seemed to breathe water. His eyes opened as weak dawn sunlight seeped out of the den’s small opening, into his eyes.

    “You’re awake!” Dead~Leaf meowed, taking a paw off him she was using to nudge him awake. “You kept on murmuring about a badger and I got worried. What’s going on?” Bramble looked down. “I must speak to Crow~Star.” He said.

    She looked puzzled as she rubbed her paralyzed paw nervously. “Go to the Soldiers’ Den. Timber~Fall is telling him what happened last night. Please tell me about your dream and what happened last night to me please.” She murmured. “Well, when you come back.” She added. He gave a slow nod as he went back to the Soldiers’ Den.

    “And he gave me these berries to help me breathe.” Bramble could hear Timber telling the tale of his prey mishap. “There he is now! Thank you, Bramble~Paw. I would be in the Afterlife right now if you weren’t here.” Bramble purred. “For the Dynasty.” He replied.

    “Crow~Star. May I speak with you in your den. . . Alone?” He asked quietly. Crow looked at him. “Yes. Come with me.” He said. Bramble was led to the Salt-Rock where he had to climb. His back legs churned as he scrabbled up the rock. They went into the den as the den gave him room. There was a single bed of moss while there were leaves by it with bones. The chief would wrap up the bones when they have no use and they throw it in the ocean. “Now, I am very proud of you.” Crow started. “You might’ve not wanted to be a Medic Novice at first, but you saved one of my best Soldiers. Thank you.” Bramble gave an impatient look. “Got it. Now, I have to tell you something. I had a dream.”

    “A dream?” Crow echoed. “Tell me more.” Bramble told him of the old she-badger who has told him she could be a great help in the future. He added in how Midnight could also talk to other animals and he hoped that Crow wouldn’t think of him insane to think of a talking badger.

    “Do you know where this Midnight is?” Crow asked him. “She’s in a cave not far from here.” Bramble replied. “It’s covered in seaweed that was lined by the ocean. Inside there was a lot of herbs and it reeked of badger, of course. You have to believe it’s real, father.”

    Crow~Star nodded as his amber star shone lightly from it reflecting the weak morning sun. “Come get Dead~Leaf. She should hear of this, too.” Bramble nodded as he went down the slope to the Medic Den. He told Dead~Leaf of the dream as she looked in interested confusion. She agreed to come with him as they went to the Chief’s Den. “Now that you both and I know of this, we must search the beach and the forest for this cave.” Crow told them. They both listened to him as they made their traveling herbs ready. There was mostly Burnet and Sorrel in there. They left them for later. As the day passed with not much activity going on, they ate the herbs in the settling evening. Bramble nodded to Dead when he was ready.

    Bramble lapped up some water from the Camp-Pool. He tried to wash away the bitter taste of traveling herbs. He went with Dead~Leaf to the entrance where he saw Crow~Star waiting for them. Crow then leapt onto the Salt-Rock. “All cats able to stand strong enough to battle gather for an announcement.” He said. The cats slipped out of their dens. Bramble could see Mud pawing Snow while he was trying to nurse. He heard their mixed mews of mischief and annoyance. “Kits.” He said quietly. He saw Honey walk out as he listened from the back of the crowd of cats. He turned from his thoughts as he looked at his father.

    “Today, I have news. First, I want Tawny, Hazel, and Rose to step up from the crowd.” Their similar pelts rose from their spots as they took their place in front of the Salt-Rock. “These infants have taken their time to be playful and innocent. Now, it is time for them to learn to be great soldiers. So now, I would like the Afterlife to look down on these infants to welcome them into the novice group.” The crowd murmured in approval. “You three will now be Tawny~Paw, Hazel~Paw, and Rose~Paw, until you gain your full soldier names. Bracken~Fern is a young soldier, but I would like for her to pass on her quick wits and great loyalty onto Tawny~Paw.” The golden tabby went up to touch noses with the all tawny novice.

    “Ripple~Fur. Like Bracken~Fern, you are a young soldier. But I admire your determination and strength in hunting and fighting. I hope you will pass down all you know onto Hazel~Paw.” The brown tabby nodded as he touched noses with Hazel.

    “And Honey~Whisker. You are a calm yet strong cat and I am hoping you can do all you can to teach Rose~Paw your ways.” Rose~Paw smiled at him as they touched noses. “I also need to say one other ceremony.

    “Russet~Paw. Sky~Ear isn’t here to see this, but I can feel he admires your heart that blazes with care and respect. It is time for you to become a soldier.” The white cat’s russet ears twitched in excitement. “Do you promise to remember to put the Dynasty before you always and to follow the Soldiers’ Rules, even if it would cost your life?” Crow asked her. Russet nodded eagerly. “Very well. Your new name will be Russet~Ear. Welcome to being a soldier in the Sun-Drown Dynasty.” He smiled at the small soldier, her tail with a russet tip twitching.



Okay. I've been working SO hard on something and this is another reason why i've been silent. I've been making my own Warrior Cats story! Want to hear it? Here it is! This is also part one. Make sure to look out for part two!

Word Help Here!

Stray: Loner/rogue

Barncats: Cats that live on the farm

Horsecats: Cats that live in Horseplace

Collar Cats: Kittypets

Infant: Kit

Novice: Apprentice

Teacher: Mentor

Soldier: Warrior

Senior Soldier: Senior Warrior

Medic: Medicine Cat

Medic Novice: Medicine Cat Apprentice

Nurser: Queen

Companion: Mate

Commander: Deputy

Chief: Leader

A Retire: Elder

One That Rests: Deceased

One in the Afterlife: StarClan Cat

The Afterlife: StarClan

The Brokenlands: Place Of No Stars

A Brokenlander: Dark Forest cat

Full-Tree: Green-Leaf

Old-Tree: Leaf-Fall

Dead-Tree: Leaf-Bare

New-Tree: New-Leaf

Crystal Skies: Silverpelt

Your welcome. Enjoy the story!

    Chapter one                                                        

    The forest was quiet. All to see here was only the uncut blades of grass and the unnatural grown trees. Nature took over this place. All was quiet. Until sudden paw-steps came to the direction. There were cats. Not one cat, not two, but a whole group. The group went through the forest, weaving through the trees like a water with an obstacle. They were battle-scarred, many injured and bleeding. A black and white striped she-cat stood still at the front. She flicked her tail.

    “Wait,” she ordered. A cat grunted. “Why should we? Our best soldiers have been badly wounded from those foxes. We need to get to a place safe enough to live at.” The cats turned. “I know, Crow-Speckle. I am very aware that we are all very hurt. Do I seem to have no eyes?” The she-cat challenged.

    Crow held back the fury he was going to spill out onto his chief. “Sorry, Birch-Star.” He muttered. Birch-Star turned back to her former direction. “I’ve heard beyond the forest, there is a place with endless water. We must find it, but we shouldn’t rush to get there. We will find a place to rest in this forest and we will leave at sun-high when we are all awake.” The cats nodded.

     “And as for you, Crow. That was distrusting to act like that in front of your chief. As the commander, I’ve thought more of you, since some day you are going to be chief.” The commander flinched. “So for your punishment,” Birch began. “You will sit and keep watch for any threat while the rest of us sleep. And until we find our place to settle at, you will take care of the infants. Do you understand me?”

    Crow’s eyes flared with guilt and frustration. “Yes, Birch. It won’t happen again.” Birch-Star’s dandelion-yellow eyes rested their gaze on the commander. “Apology accepted. Now go on. The others are waiting.”

    Crow-Speckle went to join his companion, Finch-Song, and their infants, Eagle,

Bark, Bramble, Raven, and Shadow. The spotted cat murmered something into Finch’s ear, the she-cat nodding slowly while listening, their infants playing with another litter. As the cats were going through, they heard a yowl. “Moss-Paw, what is it?” Birch-Star urgently asked. The calico novice stared in horror at a lifeless body that was covered in injuries. “Sky-Ear is dead!” Moss announced, Birch’s eyes narrowing. The dead cat’s green eyes were glazed.

    “Take his body with us. We will mourn him when we get settled for the night.” Birch went

through the crowd, the cats letting her pass. She bent down to Sky’s cold ear. She whispered, “Rest well with the other ancestors for me, please? You were shy, but you were very loyal. We

will miss you.” She got up, closing his eyes with her paw, taking back her spot back in front. She sighed. “Let’s go. Moss, take Sky’s body. Thorn-Pelt, go with her and help carry Sky.” A spiky, tan colored tabby walked up to help the novice. As they found a balance to hold Sky, it was time to search for a place to sleep at.

    Chapter two

Birch and the group were heading into the pine forests ahead of them. A soldier, Sky-Ear, has just died from wounds from a fox attack. He will be mourned, but it wasn’t the time. The infants need to be safe, the medic needs to heal others, and the exhaustion that filled them all made them pray for sleep. Until the group found a ditch in the forest, covered by trees.

“It’s Perfect! What about here?” Crow-Speckle said to the chief. Birch-Star nodded. “Cats of all ages, this will be our settling place. The prey is plentiful and the trees will help us hide from predators.” Yowls of approval cheered above the crowd like an eagle’s call echoing the lands. “Soldiers, search the ditch in case any badgers or foxes camp here.” Birch ordered. The soldiers huddled into a group, splitting in smaller groups after and going in different directions to search the ditch. “Everyone stay on the rim of the ditch. Wait until the cats come back after the search. While they’re at it, we’d better mourn for Sky-Ear.” She flicked her tail for the cats closest to him to say their good-byes first.

    “Oh, Sky-Ear,” a smaller cat started. It was Russet-Paw, Sky’s novice. “You were a great teacher. May the Ones in the Afterlife guide you.” The white and russet-tipped eared novice stepped back, letting Sky’s mother, his siblings, and his former teacher, now a Retire, mourn the dead soldier privately.

As the cats said goodbye to the shy, yet loyal soldier tom, the groups came back. “We scented adder, but it’s stale. The snake group must’ve been killed off.” One cat reported. “It’s safe.” The leader nodded. “Okay, everyone. Be careful.”

The cats used their claws to skid down the steep slope, the Nursers being helped since they were the ones that had the infants. As the group was down, some soldiers were going back up to get moss and brambles to make their space nice while it lasted. The brambles were lined across the ditch’s rim to alarm cats for them to know to not go there. There was a gap for the entrance. The moss was ringed out for bedding and some other pieces of moss were kept drenched to drink from. The cats were settled.

Birch-Star yowled, sitting on a dead tree’s trunk. It was a smaller tree, and some of the branches were broken off so she was able to be seen. “All cats able to stand strong enough to battle gather around the Meeting-Tree for an announcement.” She spoke. The cats randomly came from places around the ditch, sitting beneath Birch’s paws. “Until we leave, this place will be our camp. We will meet here for any announcements.” The cats beneath the tree nodded in agreement. “Now, as we all know, Sky-Ear has passed on to a place more complex than ours. May he rest in peace.” Birch bowed her head in respect for the dead soldier. The cats followed her action, some yowling in grief. “Now, it’s time to make an announcement better than death. Moss-Paw, come forth.”

The calico she padded up surprisingly. “Moss-Paw. You are a novice that has been training hard for many seasons. It is time for you to fulfill your dreams into becoming a soldier.” The cats she’d known so well yowled in approval and excitement. “Moss-Paw, from now on, you will be known as Moss~Heart. You have a good heart, and I hope you use it when it is needed.” The cats cheered her name, “Moss-Heart! Moss-Heart! Moss-Heart!” Moss turned back to her spot, a tom, Fern-Strike, purring in her ear. It was unknown what he said, but it was obvious he had loved her. She licked the grey and white tom’s cheek lovingly.

“Meeting dismissed. I want to see Thorn and Moss at the base of the stump. Thank you.” Birch-Star gracefully jumped off the tree with a faint thump. She whispered something into their ears, leading them out of the land dip.

The novices chattered excitedly. “I’m going to be like Birch-Star one day!” Said Bracken~Paw, one of the apprentices. “Lucky for you . . .” Said one. It was Dead~Paw, the medic novice. “. . . I get to treat Green-Cough. Lucky me!” She grumbled. Brindle~Paw sat by Bracken. “Oh, it isn’t so bad!” Brindle mewed comfortingly. “You get to save many lives! You are just as important as any soldier, commander, or chief.” Bracken gave Brindle a loving lick. Dead-Paw cringed, the orange and white spotted tabby walking away to find her teacher, Yarrow-Petal.

A she padded up to a tom. It was Rabbit~Foot and Honey~Whisker. “Honey, oh, my love! I have great news!” Rabbit meowed. She looked as if she was about to jump out her fur. “What is it, Rabbit?” Honey~Whisker meowed curiously. “I’m expecting infants!” Honey’s eyes widened, a smile cresting into his face. He licked her forehead, rubbing his cheek to her’s. “I’m so happy!” He murmured. “They’ll be amazing . . . Just like you.”

As Birch, Moss, and Thorn came back, Birch yowled for everyone’s attention. “We found a bear cave, so we must leave immediately after we wake up in the morning.” Yowls of fear spread around like a deadly disease. “But we barely survived those foxes!” One yowled, some others agreeing. “That’s why we should stay alert. I have already put Crow-Speckle on night guard duty. He won’t let us down.” Birch replied. The cats that agreed at first with the one cat now supported Birch-Star. “Now, get some shut-eye. We won’t get to sleep after tonight for a while.” The cats went to the dens, some murmuring insults about Crow and his boastful mouth. It was obvious some of the cats didn’t think it was a good idea for Crow to guard.

    Chapter three

The next day, Crow-Speckle was exhausted. He had been told to be on guard duty for the night since he scolded the chief at an unnecessary time. His heart pounded. Would Finch, his companion, leave him for this? He hoped not. They were parents! She couldn’t raise their infants herself, all alone!

As the sun rested on the horizon to make dawn, he stood up. Crow decided it was a good time to tell Birch to wake up. They still had a long way to go before they could settle into a good place. He padded through the entrance, using his claws to steadily skid down the slope. Crow found Birch~Star sitting, already awake by the Meeting-Tree. “Ready to go?” Birch guessed. “You couldn’t put it any better.” He replied.

"I'll go get my companion." Crow suggested. He padded through a bracken lined den, only to find Finch-Song and his infants, Eagle, Bark, Bramble, Raven, and Shadow. Crow nuzzled Finch gently. “Wake up, my love. It’s time,” he murmured in her ear. Finch woke up quietly. “Thanks for telling me. I’m going to get some prey for the little ones. Can you wake them up for me, dear?” Finch requested silently, walking outside of the bracken lined den.

    Crow woke up the strongest of the litter first. “Eagle, wake up.” Crow said softly. The she mewled. “Okay, father.” The dark brown and white bellied infant stood on her legs firmly. “You too, Shadow. And you, Raven.” Raven woke up first, his grey-black fur rising and his white chest fur puffing in excitement. Shadow, an all black she, woke up drowsily. “Bramble, come on.” Crow pleaded. Bramble, a black and brown tom, shook his head. “I need more sleep!” He pouted. Bark, a plain brown she, woke from the commotion. “Don’t be a stubborn pheasant! We are all tired, but you can sleep all you want when we get to our new home.” Their new blue eyes suddenly rested on Crow. “What now?” Raven asked his father. “Mother is getting prey for all of you,” Crow answered. “Let’s go out so we can eat in the sun.”

As they walked out, Finch came up with a vole, a mouse, and a squirrel with her. “How are they?” Finch tensed. “Bramble is grumpy and Shadow is tired. But the rest of them are excited to travel.” Crow replied. Finch-Song gave out a sigh of relief. “The normal stuff? Good.” As the infants ate, Crow looked around. It seems Birch woke everyone else up. He felt embarrassed. This whole time he was only woke up his family! He felt his belly churn into a knot. He didn’t notice Birch was glaring at him in frustration.

Birch got up on the Meeting-Tree’s leafless stump, where only some dead leaves still hang on the branches. “All cats able to stand strong enough to battle gather around the Meeting-Tree for an announcement.” She called. The awake cats came to sit down and listen to the chief. “Me, Moss, and Thorn took Sky’s body and put it into a nearby lake, where it sank. I know, I know. He won’t get to be with us. But how could we carry a dead carcass for who knows how long?” Birch asked everyone.

The cats murmured agreement. “Get ready. We’re leaving when the sun fully shows.” She jumped off, waving her tail dismissively. Crow went to wake another litter and their family up. In another lined den of bracken, he found a family, still sleeping. “Dust~Fur, wake up. You too, Crooked~Tail.” A brown speckled she-cat woke, limping to sit up. When she was a kit, Crooked was known as Violet~Kit. But as she became a Novice, she fell into a river and broke her tail. It never healed enough to be normal again. She nuzzled her mate, Dust~Fur, a red, dusty tom, to wake up, and she blinked at Crow gratefully. He walked out, only to see them waking up their kits, Rose, Hazel, and Tawny, two shes and one tom. He woke up two Soldiers after and three grumpy Novices. Everyone checked the dens to check if anyone was left. When they were done, the cats were ready to move.

      Chapter four

    The day began with soothing sunlight, but clouds began to cover it. The sad clouds spilled their tears lightly at first, then it started to pour. Even though it seemed bad, the cats were doing good. Storm~Strike padded through the mud with ease, being able to carry a couple of infants his sister had just had. Yarrow~Petal, the Medic, was able to care for everyone before they left, and Dust~Pelt and Crooked~Tail found it easy to carry their kits, even though the Nurser was expecting her second litter in only one more moon. Crow helped the infants keep up if they were behind, since it was his punishment. The mud was easy to avoid to the cats as if it was the air they had needed to breathe.

    A yowl rose from the back. Birch~Star stopped. “What happened?” Birch turned to see one of the Nursers pacing in anxiety. “Hazel is gone!” Crooked~Tail cried. Birch~Star craned her neck to see a ginger tail go behind the pine trees. “Hazel was taken. I just saw a cat go beyond those pines. Crow~Speckle, Dust~Fur, Thorn~Pelt, Moss~Heart, and Cloud~Breeze. Go after that cat and get Hazel back!” The cats chosen nodded, chasing after the ginger pelt.

    After some waiting, Cloud came back, dragging a cat with her by the tail. “This flea-bag was trying to eat Hazel!” Thorn spat. “Oh, shut it! You’re no better than those horse liners!” The ginger cat hissed. “Horse liners?” Birch came past. “Yes,” they said. “They are these dogs that help these horses stay in a ranch line.” Birch pinned down the cat, letting Cloud let go of the cat’s tail. “Tell me who you are. And why did you try to eat one of our infants?” The cat shook. “I’m F-Fox. And I have a mate that has been starved by her owners. I wanted to catch her some prey, and I thought the little one was a rabbit. I’m sorry. If I knew it was a kit, I’d let it go!” The chief let Fox go. “Very well.” Birch said. “Why are there so many of you?” The cat stared at the group. “We are looking for a new place to settle. We’ve been kicked out of our old camp by foxes. We were like this because, well, mostly because you took Hazel. But also because . . . We wanted to give ANY fox revenge for straying us. And you definitely look like one.”

    “Crow~Speckle, go fetch the Horseplace cat some prey for his Companion,” she ordered. Crow grumbled, “If they can steal an infant, why can’t they get their own prey?” The tom ran into the forest, finding a red-cockaded woodpecker really fast. He killed it swiftly with a bite to the neck. He took it back, laying it to Fox’s paws. “Good luck to your companion.” He murmured. Fox gave a grateful glance. “Sorry, still. And good luck with your travels.” Fox told Crow. Crow said to him in return, “Sorry for dragging you.” He warmed up his gaze to Fox, Crow suddenly dismissing him, and the last thing they saw from Fox was the white-tip of his thick furred, fox-like tail.

The cats got back to traveling. Eagle, Bark, and Raven were chattering excitedly side by side, while Shadow and Bramble shared scared and grumpy glances. Crow joined Finch by the infants. “How are they?” He asked. “Like they were when we started. Eagle, Bark, and Raven are talking about what they think the new place will be like. Bramble and Shadow are scared and not too thrilled about moving.” Finch replied. Crow held her pale water-blue gaze. “I know you may not agree with me, but I need to retire soon. I’ve had really bad sight. And I can’t see in my left eye anymore! Oh, do you understand?” Crow searched for the right words in his ocean of thoughts, but the right words were lost in the water. “I see. I’ll tell Birch to announce it as soon as we settle.” He finally said. Finch purred. “You are a good cat, Crow. You do have flaws, but doesn’t every cat do?” Crow licked her cheek. “I’ll be back.”

      Chapter five

Crooked~Tail kept up with Dust~Pelt, her broken tail dragging on the ground. The darker speckled she-cat sweeped her amber gaze around, just in case if any other cats might take Rose, Hazel, or Tawny. “Mom,” Hazel mewled. “Why can’t I walk by myself like Tawny? I’m able to!” The she wriggled.

“Same here,” said Rose. “dad doesn’t have my scruff right. It hurts!” Dust swatted Rose with his paw. “Shut it.” Dust ordered, his voice muffled by Rose’s reddish-brown fur. Dust had always been very strict to his infants, except Tawny. He liked Tawny the most because he sees potential in him more than Rose and Hazel. Tawny, a reddish tawny tom, looked at Rose. “You have to be patient. I didn’t cry out like you are now when I was held.” Tawny said with a bossy tone. “Shut your prey-hole, you cocky chicken! We’re your littermates, not your prisoners!” Hazel hissed. Dust glared at Tawny, signaling for him to do this himself. “At least I can wait!” He spat, swatting at Hazel’s tail. “You can’t even stay in the Infants’ Den for one night without sneaking out!” Crooked covered Hazel’s mouth with a white paw so she couldn’t say anything back. Rose laughed. “You both can’t stay in the same den without swatting at each other, can you?” Hazel shrugged. Tawny ignored her.

Crooked hated the argument that was occurring with her infants, but she still let Hazel down. “Don’t swat at your brother, please. He isn’t a fly!” The lighter brown darker speckled and white infant nodded, though Crooked could still see the angry anticipation in her blue, slowly changing to a yellow-amber, eyes. “He is a buzzkill ,though,” she said to Rose, making Rose give a quiet snort of laughter.

“Mom, can I go see Ms. Finch?” Hazel asked as Dust let her go. “You may. Just stay with everyone.” Crooked~Tail meowed. She nodded, signaling for Rose to go with her. Hazel waddled to the happy family, her white paws keeping a pace. “Hi, Raven,” Rose purred. Raven heard his name, turning to her direction, Bark and Eagle going past. “Hey, Rose!” He greeted. They gave each other a friendly nuzzle, starting to join Eagle and Bark, their small tails intertwining. Hazel just stood there, feeling as jealous as a lonely bird to see a bird family with two eggs of their own. If she could have any relationship with anyone, it had to be Bramble.

Hazel padded up to Bramble and Shadow in the back. “Tired?” She asked them. “Tell me about it.” Bramble said. Hazel brushed her light chestnut fur to Bramble’s tiny side. Bramble didn’t seem to notice, but he still shifted a few paces away from Hazel.

    “I see what you’re doing,” Shadow mewed. “you are envious of Rose and Raven’s bond. So you’re trying to get Bramble to fall for you. If I were you, I wouldn’t go so close so soon.” Hazel shifted her paws under her, her striped chestnut tail waving in embarrassment. Shadow and Hazel walked between the pine trees, the damp mud under them making paw-marks as they walked. The clouds were grey and gloomy, only tiny drops of rain falling from them. The plants they saw were wild and fully-grown, some leaves from them waving in the wind or stuck in the mud. The scent of New-Tree was in the air.

    Hazel left Shadow behind as she ran up to join Raven and Rose. “Raven, come on!” Meowed Finch~Song. “Coming mother!” He mewed. He licked Rose’s cheek, going to fetch Shadow to go with him.

Rose sneezed. “I can’t stand the New-Tree pollen!” She spat. Hazel laughed. “Tell me something I don’t know!” Hazel got closer. “Seems you and Raven are close.” She began. “Yeah.” Rose agreed. “We were thinking of names for our infants when we are soldiers.” Hazel gazed into her sister’s green eyes they had shared from their father. “Don’t you think we’re too young to be saying you’re going to have infants one day? We’re only four full-moons!” Rose seemed to have a look of dismay. “It’s never too late to plan out your future!” Hazel shrugged.

Hazel ran back to her mother to walk by her, leaving Rose to go with Finch and Crow’s litter. She winced as she realized how muddy her paws were. As she went to her place by her mother, she could see Tawny stick out his tongue to her in the corner of her green eyes. She made a silent snarl to the tawny colored infant. His amber eyes burned into her’s as if they were doing a staring contest. “Okay, that’s it!” Tawny hissed. “Hazel, what about you stop being so full of yourself and start to learn that I’m the better of the litter?” He got close to her, though he was much smaller that Hazel. “None of us are better than the other! We are all equal in strength. But I guess you are more less in cooperation because you ruin everything! And you aren’t the best! You can’t even fight!” Tawny unsheathed his small claws and leapt. “Then I’ll just have to prove it!” Tawny spat. He hitched onto Hazel’s back, biting her scruff with unusually sharp teeth. She wriggled him off, biting his tail and dragging him back. She was able to expose his belly, pinning him down easily with her size compared to his. Her muddy paws kept him down steadily. Instead of trying to fight back, Tawny squeaked timidly. “Let me go! I get it, I get it!” He squealed. “I will,” Hazel began. “if you stop being so vain all the time!” Tawny’s head nodded quickly. “Please! Just-” A cat took Hazel’s scruff. “Hey!” She spat. “Let me go!” The cat let her go. It was her father, Dust~Pelt.

    “Hazel, I’m impressed. I hope to see that in the future when you become a Novice.” The dusty red tom meowed coolly. “Oh no, she won’t!” Crooked~Tail stormed into their direction with Tawny in between her front legs. “She hurt Tawny! Even though he can be bossy to her and Rose, it doesn’t mean to fight!” Hazel looked at her mother angrily. “But he started it!” Crooked sweeped her broken tail over Hazel’s muzzle. “No excuses! I want you to find Rose and come back to me. I want to hear an apology!”

    Dust hissed. “Tawny showed me he’s not as much of a good cat I thought he was. If he really is a strong cat, he can go without one small sorry.” Tawny glared at Hazel with fear, only a small flame of hatred and revenge lay in his eyes. He had a bleeding cut above his eye, which he had to blink away the blood when it went down too far into his eye. “You’ll pay for this.” Tawny muttered to her so quietly only him and Hazel could hear it.

        Chapter six

    Birch~Star padded at the front with muddy paws and burrs in her pelt. Her yellow eyes switched from some parts of the forest to others. Birch suddenly caught an unfamiliar scent, yet one that she’d known so well. She waved her tail for everyone to stop. She sniffed the trees by her, flinching as she passed a great pine. “A stray,” She muttered. “and it’s strong. They were just here.” The cats Birch were leading gave untamed mutters and murmurs of shock. “What if they try to steal any of the other infants?” Finch yowled, making the cats go buckwild. “Silence!” Birch’s yowl echoed over the trees, instantly making a silent clearing of cats and pines. “We’ve lost Hazel and instantly got her back. We can fight a Stray if they-” A blur of fur attacked Birch~Star with no mercy. It raked her ears and pounded her stomach. She snapped at its throat, succeeding and getting a spray of red blood speckles. Crow ran and clawed the creature from its neck to its tail-tip. He was able to get them off, letting Birch pin the creature down. She was able to see a familiar face she’d seem to know. “Birch?” They said.

    Birch~Star gazed into the cat’s eyes, them both suddenly sharing the same colored gaze. “Mother!” The cat hugged her from under Birch’s strength. “Stop it, Oak. I’m not your mother anymore.” The brown cat that shared Birch’s markings lay there, letting her get off. “Birch. This can’t be your infant!” Crow hissed. “It’s a stray! And you don’t even have a companion. What’s going on?”

    Birch inhaled. “This is my son, Oak, but that is a story for another day, Crow. Now, why did you attack, Oak?” The brown tom sat down, sleeking his fur back to where it seemed to be before. “What do you think? You are getting near the Barn, and the cats that live with me aren’t all that merciful and unhostile.” Oak explained. “Oh! Father died from a certain disease, but this isn’t the appropriate time to get into details. So I’m just telling you.”

    Birch’s eyes flooded with clouds of sadness. Oak’s father did everything for Birch to make her happy. When she had Oak and some other infants, they all went with his father. She had waited for the best time to find them, but she was too late, since he is now dead. “May he rest well in your Afterlife, then.” She stood tall.

    “Poppy-cock!” One yowled. “A she leader can’t have a companion or infants! Traitor!” Others agreed, standing by the cat that suddenly was revealed to be Cloud~Breeze. “Everyone! This was before I was made commander!” Birch yowled. “My companion was unable to live in the wild, so he left with my infants. Please!”

    “But he was a disgrace to the group if he was weak enough to quit.” The one that spoke was Crow~Speckle. “When you are born in the wild, it’s a gift. The Afterlife chose you to be born out here for a reason. So why be Wildborn if you’d soon leave your destiny?” Birch~Star bowed her head. She knew what Crow was saying. It’s a blessing to be Wildborn. Why? Because you get to hunt prey and run in the wind when you want to. If you are born in the wild, what’s the point of being there if you would just leave? “We all must go on, but we mustn’t forget about our pasts.” Birch began. “I loved my companion, and I didn’t know he was thinking about becoming a Barncat. But I see what you mean, so I shall do this.”

    She stood up and faced the giant group she’d built. “I can’t stand this. I’ve lost so much. My companion, mother, father, siblings. I don’t want to just leave my son and my other infants just when I see them again.” Birch went to stand by Oak. “So I am becoming a Barncat. Crow~Speckle will now be Crow~Star, and I hope for the Afterlife to give him the lives I already have . . . and the rest he needs.” There was utter silence among everyone. All that was heard was the buzzing of the bees and the wind roaring in their ears to protest. Only a faint purring came from Oak’s hurt throat. “The Barncats won’t be happy to see me injured,” Oak began. “but I think if I can stand with Dark by my side, I’ll be fine. Come, mother. Dark’ll be happy to meet her mother for the first time.” Birch remembered her companion had left only when the infants were only two full-moons old. The tom took the infants with him, and it seems Oak remembered the day they had left the group. Crow had a stern face as if he was to protest, but now, this wasn’t the case.

    Crow~speckle padded up to the birch striped chief. They touched noses. “Good luck for the future, Birch~Star. I will miss you,” Crow murmured to her. Birch dipped her head, muttering to Oak to lead the way. The last thing to see from the chief was a black and white tail disappearing behind the giant pines.

Chapter seven

Crow led the way in Birch’s spot now as faint murmurs of shock, dismay, and disbelief spread over the cats like Green-Cough in Dead-Tree time. His pale green eyes shifted across the forest as if he was repeating Birch’s actions before they found Oak. He stopped by a great pine that seemed to be ages old. There were burrows with stale fox scents by it and under some trees. They were perfect for a settling camp. “It’s getting dark,” Crow reported. “so I will make a hunting patrol. I want Viper~Tooth, Pine~Frost, Spider~Crawl, and Dragonfly~Wing to do so. This place will also be our place to sleep for tonight.” The three toms and one she nodded, going into the deeper part of the forest where some prey would burrow. “Yarrow~Petal. Mind going to check one more time to see if anyone is not healing right from the fox attack?” Yarrow, the yellow and white medic she cat, nodded. “I’m on it.” As she padded off, the ginger and white spotted tabby pelt of Dead~Paw came from the crowd. She flicked her tail as she looked at her scarred paw. “Dead~Paw, come with me.” Crow ordered.

    “B. . . But what about Yarrow?” Dead limped to him. “I told her earlier. She’ll find us. Now come.” Crow gave a flick of his tail for the cats to rest while he left. Dead~Paw followed Crow~Speckle with a steady pace, though she couldn’t even do more than a troubling limp. The mud began to harden into damp earth as the sun shown its face shyly from behind the leaving rain clouds. The wind stood in the pine forest, though, as it took the water away from the trees. The cones from the pine trees were stuck in the ground from falling during the small rain storm, some of their seeds blowing across the ground.

    The bright ball of light lowered into its twilight spot, letting out the cats’ deceased ancestors shine bright in Crystal Skies. Crow~Speckle lifted his chin to look at the shining stars. He looked back down, suddenly thinking. Since Birch~Star is a Stray now, He thought. when she dies, will she still join the Afterlife?

    “Are you okay, Crow?” Dead’s sudden voice made him jump as if he stepped on a porcupine. “Y-Yes, I’m fine.” Crow reassured himself. He wasn’t lying. He was really okay with everything if Birch would find her place in the world. But he was still thinking. Would he ever see Birch~Star again?

    Chapter eight

Yarrow looked across the camp where Dead and Crow left. She treated to everyone, so she was free to go. She padded in their direction, scenting them. The bad thing was, their scents were faint. “Mouse dung!” Yarrow hissed, going on. Her ears strained to hear their voices at all, but all she heard were the faint songs and calls of robins and blue jays. She didn’t notice until the very last second she was slipping from under her paws. A giant dip was pulling her down. She gasped in fear. I’m falling into a gorge!

Her hind legs scrabbled the earth behind her to get up, but it only made her fall more. She then tried again, losing her grip. “No!” She yowled, her voice muffled by the passing wind as she fell. Her belly churned and her heart felt as if it stopped as she dropped into the water. The water choked her as she paddled for any land at all. But there was only steep mud walls by her sides. There was no escape.

Her vision went blurry as she blinked and smelled the scent of death clinging to her. Her yellow and white pelt, now darker and slicked down, flowed in the water. She heard a splash, suddenly feeling a tug on her scruff. A strong force pulled her up to the water’s surface as she was being saved. Her savior was able to get to the top of the gorge, putting her down. “Dead~Paw..?” Yarrow murmured. The savior was a cat. “No, no. We will give her a sign later. But now, Yarrow, it is your time.” The cat murmured. As Yarrow’s eyes focused, she saw it was a One in the Afterlife. She could see it was her father, Hail~Storm, from his scent. “W-Where’s mother?” She choked. A yellow she, Sand~Gorse, lay by Hail. “We will be waiting, Yarrow. Everything is going to be okay. Daisy~Fall is waiting, too.”

Yarrow’s dying eyes gleamed. “Sissy is an Afterlife Soldier?” Her sister, Daisy, weakened slowly to death from Green-Cough just when they turned two full-moons. She didn’t remember her, but she had heard of her sister. “I’m so happy.”

Hail~Storm licked Yarrow’s shoulder. “Now come.” Hail said. “You are ready to join us, and we are already settled to where the group is going to. Welcome to the Afterlife.”

Yarrow could feel her body giving up on her as she relaxed. Her paws went numb, same as her tal-tip and her ears, until it began to spread until her whole body couldn’t be felt anymore. She knew she had all the cats to tend to, but the Afterlife is never wrong. She stepped out of the body she’d used to know. Now, instead of a yellow and white tabby, she was an elegant starry-white figure with darker stripes where her yellow patterns were before. Now with wisdom-filled silver eyes, Yarrow looked at her mother and father. “Lead the way.”

Chapter nine

Dead~Paw felt a pang of pain in her heart. At that second, she choked a little. “Dead! What’s wrong?” Crow turned. “I don’t know,” She coughed. “It felt like I was drowning.” She suddenly stared into the distance with fear-filled hazel eyes. “Yarrow! It has to be her because she was the only one allowed to leave the group including us!” Dead spoke in one breath.

Dead turned around to retrace her steps. The pine scents filled her nose as she quickly ran through the forest. Her quick pace from before turned into a sprint. Her scents were distracted, but she couldn’t ignore that she could hear Crow thumping behind her. “Wait!” He yowled. She went into a halt when she saw a familiar shape at the opposite side of her by a gorge she hadn’t seen while they walked.. “Yarrow!” She ran to the side to jump over, getting over but falling down the slope with a hard thump. As her paws slipped on her, she unsheathed her back claws and scrabbled up. As she did so, she stared in horror at the lifeless body that was drenched. Yarrow drowned.

She pounded her paws on the ground as she ran over. Dead turned Yarrow’s yellow and white tabby body over. Crow jumped over. “What are you-” He walked over to see Yarrow~Petal in a fear hardened gaze.

Dead put her ear to Yarrow’s chest and checked her eyes after. “She fell into the gorge. She’s dead.” Dead looked up to see Crow shedding a depressed tear. “Why her? Oh, Yarrow.” He hissed. The black and white speckled tom put his muzzle down onto Yarrow’s flank. “May you rest well in the Afterlife, Yarrow.” He sighed. “Now, let me do what I was going to do.”

Crow looked up to Crystal Skies and spotted a star that shone brighter than the others. As Dead spotted it, she knew that was Yarrow. “Cats of the Afterlife, Birch~Star has left to join her infants as a Barncat. I hope for you to give me early chiefship and to give me the lives I was promised to get.” He touched his nose to Yarrow’s body for blessing. He murmured, “I won’t let you down.” Suddenly, his amber eyes gazed into the distance as his eyelids snapped shut. A bright light blinded Dead to signal her to not look. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them, an amber star was crested onto Crow’s forehead as it darkened like hardening blood. “Crow~Feather?” Dead looked. “Crow~Star.” He corrected her. “Now, before we go, there’s one more thing.” He looked up again. “You look up too, Dead~Paw.”

Dead’s full orange tabby tail curled in curiosity. “As you know, Dead~Paw’s mentor, Yarrow~Petal, drowned and has joined you. I wish for you to give Dead~Paw what she needs to be a full medic.” His ears twitched after. “Very well,” He murmured. Dead could feel invisible pelts brushing by her.

“From now on,” Crow~Star began. “you will be Dead~Leaf. The Afterlife admires your skills and memory in herbs, and they are happy to welcome you as a full Medic to our group.” Dead~Leaf could hear chanting of her new name faintly, and she somehow knew Yarrow was one of the ones who were chanting her on. Her hazel eyes glittered in awe. “Crow~Star. I promise to be a good medic and to follow the Soldiers’ Rules. I won’t let you down.” She said. “And I won’t let you down.” She murmured quietly to Yarrow.

Chapter ten

Dead~Leaf dragged Yarrow~Petal by the scruff since she didn’t want to get wet. Crow~Star turned. “Dead, have a least a bit of respect! That’s your teacher there.” He snapped. Dead grunted quietly as she hauled the lifeless body onto her back. She looked up into the sky. Crystal Skies was much clearer now as if all the stars were smaller copies of the sun. Dead saw Yarrow’s star, now fading to the brightness of the other stars.

“Don’t worry,” Crow began. “my infants are ready to be Novices. I’ll make them all Novices before we go. Their help would be terrific.” Dead~Leaf’s eyes brightened at the thought of having a Novice to herself. Teaching the cat herbs, sharing tongues with the Afterlife, gossiping about prophecies with each other. “Thanks. It means-” Dead paused as Crow interrupted her. “We’re here.” He reported, half to her, half to himself.

The cats greeted them back. “Where were you both? Where’s Yarrow?” They’d all repeat. Crow yowled for a request of silence. “Everyone, I have gotten my lives from the Afterlife. You will now know me as Crow~Star.” The cats stared at his amber star. “And now,” He went on. “Dead~Paw is now Dead~Leaf. We will now congratulate her as a full Medic.” Everyone yowled for Dead as she quietly mewed her thanks. “Sadly,” Crow started again. “me and Dead found Yarrow by a nearby gorge. She was dead.” The cats stared in grief and shocked dismay. “If we had to guess, she drowned in the gorge by how wet her fur was.” Dead dipped her head once again for the dead Medic.

“Now, it is time to name a new Commander.” Crow looked at all the cats around him, and his stare hardened on a distinctive white cat. “Cloud~Breeze will be the new Commander of the group.” The white she stared in shock and excitement. “Thank you, Crow~Sp-uh, Star.” The new Commander dipped her head as her piercing yellow eyes sparkled and reflected Crystal Skies. “And finally, some infants are ready to be Novices. My litter, come forth.”

Eagle, Bramble, Shadow, Raven, and Bark stepped up, Eagle and Raven bouncing out of their fur. “You will now take on a longer name. You will now be Eagle~Paw, Bramble~Paw, Shadow~Paw, Raven~Paw, and Bark~Paw.” Crow wore a prideful expression. “I will teach Eagle~Paw, Dead will teach Bramble~Paw, Dust will teach Shadow~Paw, Crooked will teach Raven~Paw, and Thorn will teach Bark~Paw.” All were happy, except for Bramble~Paw.

“Mom, make him take it back!” Bramble whined. “He’s the Chief. Father knows what he’s doing.” Finch murmured. “And now, Hazel, Tawny, and Rose. Come.” As Crow’s litter went back, Crooked~Tail and Dust~Fur’s litter took their spots. “You will now become full Novices. Until you receive your Soldier names, you will be Hazel~Paw, Tawny~Paw, and Rose~Paw. Hazel’s teacher will be Moss~Heart, Tawny’s teacher will be Fern~Strike, and Rose’s teacher will be Shadow~Light.” Crow took a breath right after. “This meeting is at an end.” He dismissed.

“Crow!” Eagle~Paw called her father. Eagle’s fluffy tail brushed the ground as she went up. “What is it?” Crow asked. “I smell water!” She jumped.

He sniffed. “It’s a lot of water.” He paused. “We’re close.” Crow’s pace became a slow run. Eagle puffed as she tried to keep up, but she was shoved to the back where she was. “Crow scented a ton of water. We’re almost there!” She told her siblings. “I smell it, too. But doesn’t it smell funny at all to you?” Raven warned. She could see her brother’s white chest puff in caution and his same color tail-tip twitch. “We’ll get through it. We might just be smelling new herbs.” She replied. Raven shrugged. Bark and Shadow looked at her while Bramble ignored her, like if she was only air.

The dark brown she padded through the ending forest in a quick pace. Though her belly hurt with hunger and exhaustion, that didn’t stop her excitement to see the new camp. She saw Raven~Paw go to join Rose~Paw. “Gross.” Bramble muttered. “It’s almost as bad as healing wounds and sicknesses!” Shadow smirked.

“Oh my gosh, if you had a hobby, I bet it would be ‘annoying your family!’” Shadow teased. “Oh please,” Bark started. “you do that as well, Shadow. You act like some infant that isn’t even over two full-moons!” That made Eagle give a snort of laughter. “Come on! That was funny!” She said as she noticed her siblings were looking over at her. “And hey,” She went on. “we’re close to our new home. I don’t think you’d want to be in a bad mood for that! . . . Do you?” Her sisters and brother exchanged mixed glances: confused, lost, irritated. “Very well.” Bramble spoke for them. “Let’s go.”

The litter ran to the group that was leaving them behind. “Everyone is pushy today. I bet they’re all just itchy to rest their sore paws.” Shadow figured. Eagle looked at the whole black she. Eagle’s blue eyes began to turn an amber-yellow she’d carried from her mother. She saw her siblings were going through it the same: Shadow, Raven, and Bramble were sharing her same eye color while Bark was the only one with their father’s faint green eyes. They were getting older, and this journey is old enough to end.

Chapter eleven

Crow~Star led the way, his heart pounding in excitement. The fresh scent of water was close, and it was said their destination was covered in water. Though the smell was tangy, it still hinted itself to be water. “Come on,” He told the group. “we’re almost there!”

The cats quickened their pace as they watched the chief’s specific movement. As Crow narrowed his eyes, he spotted water. Not a pool, not a lake, but a gigantic group of it that stretched farther than they could see. The grass transitioned into sandy grass as a shore got into his sight. There were dips in the sand with caving rocks. Perfect places for dens.

“Cloud, Thorn, Moss, and I will check the area.” Crow ordered. “You all stay together. I think we found the place we were looking for.” The spotted chief picked his way through the clearing as the trees disappeared along the way. The sun shone in his eyes, but Crow didn’t seem to mind it. There were splashes in the water, giving him the thought of fish being their main prey source. “Go check the water. It smells different.” The cats went to the lapping water.

Cloud lapped up a few drops, rolled her tongue, then spat to the ground. “It’s salty!” She hissed. “I bet if we drink it, it’ll be like a poison.” Crow grunted. “Then the water is no use.” Crow muttered, disappointed. “We’ll just drink the forest’s lake water.” The cats nodded.

Some time later, the cats sniffed along the shore to check for any predators. “I don’t smell anything,” Moss reported. “maybe you all can, but for me, it’s as innocent as a playful infant.” Crow nodded. “Then bring the group. We’ll find out the dens together.” Moss nodded as her calico pelt drifted into the plants of the forest behind them.

Crow heard Moss’ voice as she signaled everyone to follow. As the cats came with her, they sat in the sand and looked at Crow for his orders. “Cats, Cloud checked the water and it can not be drank. It seems to be poisonous. But the fish isn’t like the water. It can be eaten.” The cats murmured their anxious thoughts. “What if we get thirsty?” Crow looked to see Dust~Fur as the cat that asked. “The forest isn’t far from here. We can just drink from the lakes and streams we can find. When we do, though, we will mark a trail where the water is.” Crow replied. Dust nodded as he stepped back to stand by Crooked~Tail and wrap his tail around Hazel~Paw. “I have some dens figured out already. We found a ditch with many caving rocks. They are perfect and are roomy. We just need to remember which den is which.” Crow explained. “The Nursery, for one, is a smaller rock, but it is roomy inside. The Nursers will share the Nursery with the infants. The Novices’ Den is slightly larger, and it is a bit smaller inside, but it is big enough. And the Soldiers’ Den is large. It is big enough to almost fit all of us in there. There is a boulder where I will make the meetings, and it will be called Salt-Rock. Under it is a cave, and that will be my den. The commander will share it with me.” He flicked his tail, ending his long, long idea. He also let out a long sigh.

The cats nodded, some confused. “I already have a name for us, too. I have heard from Birch~Star that at the end of daylight, when the sun rests, the waves move more rapid, seeming to be letting the sun sink into it. And because of this, we will be known as the Sun-Drown Dynasty.” The cats yowled in acceptance and excitement. “Now come. It is time for me to show the new camp.”

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